Portable scalable warning device


  • Inventors: LYU XIAOPING
  • Assignees: 吕晓平
  • Publication Date: June 22, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-205329578-U


The utility model provides a portable scalable warning device, including base, telescoping shoring column and warning mark, telescoping shoring column with the base is articulated, telescoping shoring column is collapsible and the block in on the base, but telescoping shoring column perpendicular to the base and with the base block, warning mark with telescoping shoring column can dismantle the connection. The utility model discloses a portable scalable warning device, is convenient for accomodate and carry easy operation, and the accident of being convenient for is dealt with personnel and is settled fast, warning effect is good, can select the one or more warning mark among luminous warning mark, reflection of light warning mark, the sound warning mark to realize the warning effect.




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