Long afterglow traffic safety marking plate



The utility model belongs to the technical field of traffic facilities, involve a long afterglow traffic safety marking plate. It includes the marking plate bottom plate, mark a layer bottom, energy storage luminescent layer and reflection of light sign layer, mark the whole bonding of layer bottom on the marking plate bottom plate, the energy storage luminescent layer tiles on marking layer bottom through the form of pasting, reflection of light sign layer bonds on the energy storage luminescent layer. Compared with the prior art, the utility model discloses a long afterglow material producing becomes the energy storage luminescent layer and prepares the traffic sign material, handle and strict sealing through the lamination, water prevention, preserved handle, can make into the thin layer coiled material, traffic sign board before not influencing uses under the form, make into each specification traffic sign's warning and remind marking layer, utilize the luminous characteristics of long afterglow material energy -absorbing, continuously glitter at night, especially, at no light source or receive the great highway section of environment light influences, its visuality is stronger, the security that the driver drove a vehicle night has been strengthened greatly.




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