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US-6600785-B1: Image processor, image data processor and variable length encoder/decoder patent, US-6635656-B1: Cytotoxic alkaloids halitulin patent, US-6683936-B2: EUV-transparent interface structure patent, US-6796162-B2: Method and tool of tungsten/heavy metal alloy for hot-forging solid state copper and copper alloys patent, US-3766451-A: Metallized capacitor with wire terminals patent, US-4417395-A: Method of making an electrical conductor having an integral electrical contact patent, US-4444103-A: Belt-type printing machine patent, US-4469841-A: Latent acid catalyst for waterborne coatings patent, US-4662781-A: Apparatus for creating water sports ramp patent, US-4683052-A: Method for non-oxidative hydrogen reactivation of zeolite dewaxing catalysts patent, US-4920265-A: System for determining the basis weight of cord reinforced tire fabric patent, US-4936703-A: Frame for a covering for an opening protected by a cover or grating patent, US-5016186-A: Method of detecting noise disappearance and detecting device therefor patent, US-6017736-A: Method of preparing purine nucleoside compound patent, US-5092049-A: Lever actuated scissors patent, US-5095024-A: Substituted 1,3,4-thiadizaolinones, processes for their preparation, and their use for combating endoparasites patent, US-5315204-A: Piezoelectric snap action switch patent, US-5318654-A: Apparatus for cleaning a substrate with metastable helium patent, US-5333717-A: Apparatus for separating cuvettes patent, US-5458569-A: Wearable iontophoresis system patent, US-5505575-A: Pit mounted retractable vehicle restraint patent, US-5591320-A: Method for obtaining well defined edge radii on cutting tool inserts by electropolishing technique patent, US-5658023-A: Connection for attaching a fuel line to a fuel filter patent, US-5706903-A: Tool patent, US-5755287-A: Sealing assembly for subsea wellheads patent, US-5773175-A: Photosensitive body for electrophotographical use and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-5880986-A: Method and apparatus for reducing power usage within a domino logic unit patent, US-5919301-A: Method and apparatus for heat treatment of fine-grained material patent, US-6056103-A: Dampening disk assembly patent, US-6139090-A: Adjustable spoiler support for racing car patent, US-6173061-B1: Steering of monaural sources of sound using head related transfer functions patent, US-6248977-B1: Welding torch attachment patent, US-6286134-B1: Instruction selection in a multi-platform environment patent, US-6420916-B1: Phase locked loop filter utilizing a tuned filter patent, US-6469571-B2: Charge pump with charge equalization for improved efficiency patent, US-6474733-B1: Inflatable headrest patent, US-6640004-B2: Image sensing and image processing apparatuses patent, US-6698579-B1: Automatic handling device for flexible flat products, in particular catamenial products and intermediate stacker unit to be used therein patent, US-6729504-B2: Static device for air replenishing a liquid product dispenser patent, US-6759506-B1: Polymercaptopolyamines as epoxy resin hardeners patent, US-6766741-B1: Inking plate for rotary printing machine patent, US-4133059-A: Automated surge weir and rim skimming gutter flow control system patent, US-4157963-A: Magnetic device for treatment of calcareous liquids patent, US-4171106-A: Method of continuous winding patent, US-4402678-A: Clutch housing and pulley assembly patent, US-4505152-A: Method and apparatus for measuring engine compression ratio patent, US-4519403-A: Balloon lead and inflator patent, US-4722807-A: Stabilizer for acryloyloxysilane compounds patent, US-4751427-A: Thin-film electroluminescent device patent, US-4887384-A: Controlled wick-type herbicide applicator patent, US-4910726-A: Optical fibre communication networks with local optical power feeding patent, US-4969453-A: Cervical collar patent, US-4998954-A: Isokinetic probe and pressure reduction assembly patent, US-5014616-A: Scavenger for a gravure printing press patent, US-5018487-A: Valve timing mechanism with eccentric bushing on rocker shaft patent, US-5022192-A: Conduit grinding apparatus patent, US-5029465-A: Vortex flowmeter patent, US-5044622-A: Apparatus for automatically dispensing objects patent, US-5097682-A: Accessory for earring patent, US-5211582-A: Repairable connector patent, US-5224519-A: Method and apparatus for weaving a woven angle ply fabric patent, US-5325549-A: Trap fitting assembly for mounting in flammable floors patent, US-5346986-A: Agglomerated polymer particles of finely divided, water-soluble or water-swellable polymers, the preparation thereof and the use thereof patent, US-5587892-A: Multi-phase power converter with harmonic neutralization patent, US-5797755-A: Merchandise display system and method patent, US-5875909-A: Screw cap with attached seal patent, US-6079681-A: MR compatible neurosurgical positioning apparatus patent, US-6095667-A: Illuminating optical system for use in projecting exposure device patent, US-6183155-B1: Device for applying liquids onto a base using an applicator element patent, US-6325763-B1: Portable differential thermal biofeedback device patent, US-6333709-B2: Analog to digital converter using remainder feedback loop patent, US-6350175-B2: Device and method for concealing bodily protrusions patent, US-6491961-B1: Cold brew tea patent, US-6493123-B1: Modulated-retroreflector based optical identification system patent, US-6521913-B1: Electro-optical device and electronic equipment patent, US-6576384-B1: Mask image scanning exposure method patent, US-6651005-B2: Method for establishing universal standards for yield measurement patent, US-6651484-B2: Device for measuring the specific density of a gaseous or liquid medium patent, US-6657976-B1: System and method for controlling transmitter power of a narrowband advanced messaging system patent, US-6679449-B2: Method and apparatus for winding wire patent, US-6783178-B2: Electric seat patent, US-4264218-A: Printing device patent, US-4321263-A: Psyllium compositions patent, US-4502336-A: Pressure measuring device patent, US-4523285-A: Vendor controller patent, US-4651354-A: Foot cover patent, US-4752887-A: Routing method for use in wiring design patent, US-4941575-A: Sift-proof carton and blank therefor patent, US-5081492-A: Exposure control system patent, US-5127419-A: Biopsy instrument with slotted driving member patent, US-5380254-A: Finished forged sprocket segment method and apparatus patent, US-5413264-A: Serial accumulator system for filamentary material patent, US-5467755-A: Method and system for controlling flexible fuel vehicle fueling patent, US-5487300-A: Tank gauging apparatus and method patent, US-5619977-A: Ball throwing apparatus with safety feature patent, US-5785684-A: Apparatus and method for the deployment of an esophagastric balloon tamponade device patent, US-5896818-A: Modular pallet to absorb lifting force patent, US-5937602-A: Ground cover with improved resistance to degradation by freezing and thawing patent, US-5971755-A: Laser instrument patent, US-5984760-A: Doll having simulated drinking action patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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